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3 Different Fashion Statements

 Cashmere Cape with Full Fox and Lining

Cashmere Cape with Fox Fur Collar and Pom Poms 

Cashmere Cape with Fox Fur and No Lining

Pure Cashmere Capes with Fox Fur Lining

3-Ply Thick Pure Cashmere. 

Lush, 2-6 in. Genuine Fox Fur Trim. 




2 Varieties:

Finland Fox Cashmere Cape (MO2)- Lush, two-three inch Finland Fox trim sewn into a lighter, more portable pure cashmere cape. 



Canadian Fox Cashmere Cape (MO2NL)- Lush, four – six inch Canadian Fox Trim sewn into an elegant, heavyweight pure cashmere cape. Lined with luxurious soft silky satin/polyester trim.

Camel: Ship of the Desert
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Silver Grey: A Shiny Deepness
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Ivory: A Soft, Creamy, Classic
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Silver Fox: Pride of The Forest
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Purple: Pure and Passionate
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Pure Cashmere Capes with Fox Fur Collar

3-Ply Thick Pure Cashmere. 


Luxurious Finland Fox Fur. 


3 inch Lined Collar with Pom Pom Balls


Fox trimmed neckline and sumptuous hefty fox pom-poms ties that close the fox collar.


Expertly woven from lusciously soft and incredibly warm ‘A’ grade Cashmere.


Lined with satin/polyester lining which ultimately gives it an extra luxurious feel.