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Simply put, our Green line is just plain natural. This product line is environment friendly and wholesome. Our chemical free and natural fibers green line is a fresh step towards a healthy life. We are featuring our Eco-friendly scarves, which are the natural color of the goat’s wool and there is no dye at all. The entire line is untouched by dyes, just the way nature intended. As the name suggests, these fabrics used can only be found in nature. Eco-friendly scarves and shawls command attention wherever they are worn.

Our eco-friendly line includes the Ivory color in all the three sizes whether it is silk/ pashmina blend, pure pashmina or pure cashmere line. Our eco-friendly pashmina are hand woven in the twill weave on looms in Nepal and India. While some may prefer to hand wash the shawl, we recommend dry cleaning. 


We at Cashmere Pashmina Group are proud to provide you with an honest, environmentally safe product. Our motto is to “Go Green and Shop with less impact on our planet”. These carefully selected eco friendly shawls are often energy savers, and are made from chemical free dye. In the making process of these shawls, we do not use machines, we use handlooms, and thus we conserve energy and give work to the poor and needy people of the remote villages. When these shawls are dyed, they are dyed in big open vats over an clay oven; therefore we conserve energy by not consuming large quantities of electrical energy. After the dying process, these shawls are dried in sun in open fields on cloth lines. This saves the consumption of electricity by large electronic rollers or pressing machines, therefore we are the most are energy efficient manufactures. Give our Green line for the holidays, birthday, anniversary and more. Give a gift that says you care for her and the planet! By purchasing one of our nice variety of eco friendly items , shows your thoughtful side and your concern for the environment and our planet.


Our Green line is natural and organic. It is less harmful to the environment and body. Our chemical free and natural fibers green line is the first step towards a healthy life. We have termed our un dyed natural color line as our Eco-friendly scarf line. This line is natural and is untouched from dyes. This eco-friendly scarf can accentuate the grace of any outfit. As the name suggests, the fabrics used in the manufacture of eco-friendly scarves are nature Organic Pashmina Wool, Organic Silk, hemp, Cotton etc.. Eco-friendly scarves and shawls command demand in both international as well as domestic markets.


We offer a unique assortment of skillfully handcrafted shawls -- whether you're looking for the perfect gift for someone special, or an indulgence for yourself, our limited editions or one-of-a-kind shawls satisfy many whims. In the world of fashion, one thing never goes out of style and that is exclusivity, We at Cashmere Pashmina Group are aware of the demands of our fashion savvy clients. Our products are unique in nature and patterns as they are designed by the most qualified and skilled craftsmen. Our products are not only fashionable and follow the latest trends but also possess eco-friendly nature, which is a rare factor and is not there in other products in the market.