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Pure Pashmina (One Ply and Three Ply)

One (1) Ply Pure Pashmina- Diamond Weave
Three (3) Ply Pure Pashmina- Twill Weave

We not only offer the pure pashmina shawl in One-Ply, but we have taken it a step further with a thicker, super lush pure pashmina in Three-Ply. At Cashmere Pashmina Group, we take great pride in offering a wholesome product that we can stand behind - because it is exactly what we say it is.  The word “ply” refers to the strands of fiber that are twisted together to make yarn. The term “one-ply” means that there is only one strand of pure pashmina wool twisted together. Whereas three-ply has three strands of pure pashmina wool twisted together. Go ahead and treat yourself to one of life’s softest indulgence- you deserve the experience.

For the ultimate in luxury and warmth, wrap yourself in our exclusive pure pashmina shawls. We offer our classic large shawl, shawl and scarf gently woven from the delicate baby hairs of the Capra Hircus goat.  Once the fur is sheared from the belly and under the neck, only the softest fibers are woven to make a fabric so soft that once you touch it you can feel it is luxury at its finest.  Most find that the natural property of the pashmina wool is to easily protect you from the cold. We offer the highest quality pure pashmina shawls hand-made exclusively for us by expert crafts-man in India and Nepal. They're 100% pure cashmere pashmina bliss!

Our pure pashmina shawls are hand woven in diamond or twill weave on looms in the Himalayan Mountains of  India and Nepal.