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Size Chart for Shawls

The lengths are basically the same as the shawl needs to be able to wrap around the body, if needed.  So, in essence the regular shawl is lighter and less cumbersome.  Many clients prefer the regular shawl for a less accent.  It stills folds into a stole or a scarf, like the large shawl.  Many brides have chosen the look of the stole for their bridesmaids since once it is folded it just covers the shoulders and gives an understated look.

Shawl - The Most Versatile Size

Our Shawl size is a step smaller from our Regal Pashmina Shawl.  Here again, the Shawl does not offer any real difference in length – it’s the width that matters.  The Stole is only 28” wide by 78” long.  Too many times, clients worry if the size they choose will be right for their body size.  Actually, your body size or height should not weigh in on what size to pick.  The question you really need to ask is how will you be using the pashmina.  Obviously, if you are looking for only a small accent or a light throw over your shoulders, the stole would be a great choice.  However, if you need something to envelop you on a chilly day or as a throw, the Regal shawls would be a better pick.  


Our Shawls and Scarves come in 3 sizes:

1). Regal Large Shawl - Built for Royalty (36" X 80")

2). Shawl - The most versatile size (28" X 78")

3). Scarf - Perfect fashion accessory (12" X 60")

 The main difference between our Regal Large Shawl and the Regular Pashmina Shawl is the width of the shawl , not the length.  The Regular Shawl is only 28” wide by 78” long, whereas the Regal Large Shawl is 36” wide by 80 long. 


Regal Large Shawl - Built For Royalty


Some people wonder why anyone would want such an extravagant accessory as our Regal Shawl.  Yes, it is luxuriously large, measuring in at a whopping 36” x 80”. But don’t be fooled by its size.  You’d be surprised how many of our most petite clients insist on the shawl.  Many want it to double the width and use it for a warm wrap, while others use it as luscious throw over a coat or outfit.  If you wear it fully opened, it serves as a dramatic shawl, suitable for any after-five affair.  I had an elderly friend who was frail and loved having the option to pull out her large shawl on the cool air-conditioned bus.   While their reasons are varied, try this on for a few:  Pashmina shawls can do anything all our other regular shawl, stole or scarf can do.  All you need to do it fold it and it instantly transforms.  The combination of cashmere and silk makes the fabric versatile, resilient and resonating with color.  Quite simply, it is no only the perfect gift you could give yourself, it is our most versatile accessory – period!

Scarf - The Perfect Fashion Accessory


Our scarf is basically a muffler.  Since it is only 12 inches wide and 60 inches long, it only offers small wrap around the neck.  Great as an accent piece or as a way to keep the collar sheltered from the wind, the scarf is just a scarf and really couldn’t be used as a throw over the shoulders.  Now, we have had a few innovative customers who have used the scarf in weddings to throw over the shoulders of the flower girls or junior bridesmaids, but it way to slight to work in that way for an adult.  Many men like our scarves in the deeper, stronger colors to work as an accent for their dress coats.