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Pashmina Wool and Silk Blend Shawls

A Timeless Classic
The Most Versatile.
Any Outfit, Any Season

Our Pashmina shawl is a hot accessory at a bargain price!  You owe it to yourself to experience the irresistible quality of our fabulous Pashmina/ Silk blend shawl.  A versatile year round accessory, it can be used as a shawl, wrap, stole or a scarf, folding compactly for use anywhere, anytime.

We only carry the finest blend in the market - approximately 70% pashmina wool with 30% luxurious silk. Our pashminas are one of the finest outerwear accessories that are hand loomed in a twill weave by skilled artisans in India and Nepal in a wide selection of vibrant colors. Our clients love the combination of pashmina and silk because it makes the fabric versatile and resilient. The subtle sheen of silk adds resilient elegance while resonating with color. The pashmina wool, which is gently sheared from the neck and belly of the Capra Hircus goat, adds delicate softness and warmth when you need it.  Simply, our scarves are the best gifts, period!

Hand woven in Nepal and India, our Regal Large Shawl is 80 inches long by 36 inches wide and is finished with three-inch long knotted tassels. In addition to the large shawl, we also carry other sizes like the Shawl (28”X 78”) and Scarf (12”X 60”). Our entire collection of luxurious Pashmina/ Silk blend is One-Ply thick. While some may prefer to hand wash our shawls, we recommend dry cleaning.

Our Shawls and Scarves are truly the best accessory for any occasion!

They are the most versatile, with hundreds of different styles to wear them in

We craft them from an expert blend of 70% Pashmina Wool and 30% silk, which provides optimal luxuriousness

We carry Pashminas in three (3) Sizes : Regal Large Shawl (36”X 80”) - $32.99, Shawl (28” X 78”) - $25.99 and Scarf (12” X 60”) - $19.99

8 Different Color Families. 8 Different Flavors of Life

We Offer our products in Eight different Color Families: Ravishing Reds, Blissful Blues, Passionate Purples, Greens, Browns, Pinks and Orange, Black and Gray,   

The Color Blocks below depict a sample swatch of the each of our fabulous colors:

Yellows, Whites, and other Lights

White and Yellow shades have been universally associated with Purity, Harmony and Tranquility. It makes one feel safe, secure.

The light shades are gentle, and contrast any tone associated with it.

It has been known to be Optimistic and Cheerful.

Stimulating, Intelligent and Expressive.

It represents Enlightenment and Happiness. 


Ornate Orange

Orange is a very vibrant and energetic color. In its muted forms it can be associated with the earth and with autumn.

Orange can represent change and movement in general.

Orange is also strongly associated with creativity.

It can be associated with health and vitality.

It’s often considered more friendly and inviting, and less in-your-face.

Ravishing Reds

Red is viewed as an exciting, dramatic color. It evokes a passionate feel.


The darkest reds, such as burgundy and maroon, have a rich stately feeling.


It Is Stimulating, Activates your Attention. Dramatic and Passionate. 


Strong and Powerful, Deeply Desirous. 


Pretty Pinks

The color pink is named after the flowers

Pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and the romantic.

A combination of pink and white is associated with chastity and innocence, whereas a combination of pink and black links to eroticism and seduction

Blissfull Blues

Blue is The Worlds "favorite color."

The universal appeal of blue skies and blue water create a feeling of serenity and openness.

Blue is a more frivolous and sunny color.

As an exterior color, blue works beautifully as either a trim or a whole-house color.

Blues evoke feelings of trustworthiness and dependability.

It is cooling, tranquil, calming and peaceful. 

Gorgeous Greens

Green is a very down-to-earth color. It can represent new beginnings and growth.

It also signifies renewal and abundance. Green has many of the same calming attributes that blue has.

It also incorporates some of the energy of yellow. In design, green can have a balancing and harmonizing effect, and is very stable.

It’s appropriate for designs related to wealth, stability, renewal, and nature.

Brighter greens are more energizing and vibrant, while olive greens are more representative of the natural world.

Dark greens are the most stable and representative of affluence.

Beautiful Brown
Beige: Shiny
from 19.99

Brown is associated with the earth, wood, and stone.

It’s a completely natural color and a warm neutral.

Brown can be associated with dependability and reliability, with steadfastness, and with earthiness.

Brown is commonly used as a background color. It’s also seen in wood textures and sometimes in stone textures.

It helps bring a feeling of warmth and wholesomeness to designs.

Passionate Purples


Purple has always been a shade of royalty. It brings to mind of wealth and pageantry.


Purple and violet are indeed luxurious shades. Lavender, a tint of violet, is gaining popularity and conveys a feeling of low-key refinement.


The skillful and unexpected use of violet as an interior color makes an instantly eclectic impression.

It is known to be uplifting and rich, often providing a calming nature. 

Blacks and Greys

Black and Gray are the universal shade, the oldest trick in the book.  

Since the dawn of time, mankind has played with different shades of black and gray.

Neutral on one end, but bold on the other. Easy to get lost in the deepness of the dark.

Blacks and Grays have been known to represent Strength and Power. Courage and Boldness are evoked as feelings.

It has a strong sense of Business and Professionalism. Sharpness and Accuracy.