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 Pure Cashmere Animal Print Shawl

Our line of Hand Block Printed Cashmere shawl in Diamond or Twill weave is one of a kind. Pure Cashmere two 2-Ply shawls are lightweight, wispy yet wondrously soft and warm. As done traditionally hundreds of years ago, even today our Cashmere shawls are hand printed by expert craftsmen using the same traditional hand block printing technique.

·Hand-woven in India, this Cashmere yarn is incredibly soft and extremely warm. Some prefer hand washing these shawls, but we recommend Dry Cleaning. The dimensions of these luxurious, light weight Cashmere shawls are 78 inches in length and 28 inches in width, with the classic unfinished edges, these shawls look very sophisticated and elegant.

·Perfect gift for all occasions and seasons, these luxurious lightweight and wispy shawls are hand loomed in exclusive twill weave. We are proud to be able to offer such a superior fashion accessory at a fraction of the price.

· These Cashmere wraps are the best versatile accessory that can be used as a wrap, shawl or scarf and can easily be carried anytime, anywhere. Our design gives a gorgeous accent to any outfit! 

· These shawls are perfect travel accessory for any casual or formal special evening where you want to look special. These shawls are great for pregnant women also. These shawls can be folded it away when you don’t need it. Unfold it to snuggle up on planes, trains or protection from drafts.  Wear these cashmere scarves as a hot accessory to transform an outfit, when day/casual or formal/evening wear.

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